LA CASA DEL ÁRBOL is a television and advertising production company that specializes in the creation and development of original formats, mainly intended for children and youth.


We are a group of professionals who devotedly combine our audiovisual expertise and teaching experience. For each project we design and build interdisciplinary teams, what allows us linking the skills of teachers, producers, researchers, animators, writers, musicians, pedagogues, visual artists and technicians working in the television, movies and advertising industries.


We try to use in every idea, in every image our experience as makers, sharing a vision: to create original quality contents aimed at children and youth. Our work consists in making for them a television that entertains, educates, makes people think and particularly respects them as central characters.




Registered with the Argentina’s Federal Authority for Audiovisual Communication Services. Registration No. 010577

Registered with the Argentina’s National Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts. Registration No. 201-433